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Hi Jeff,

Great benefits so far! German customs are very slow, that’s why we only could use your device for nearly a week now. I remember I did not tell you Milow’s story….

Milow suffered a FCE on January 3rd of this year. He had an MRI, it seems he had two strokes! L2 – L4 and L7 – S1. He was paralyzed in both legs and tail, no control over his bladder and bowel. No deep pain sensation in his left hind leg. We started PT immediately, after one week he started to move his right leg, but till no movement in his left leg. The following weeks Milow had good improvement in his right leg, but only small in his left leg, a little deep pain sensation came back. He was walking again, but only with three legs, dragging his left hind leg. Everyone told us to wait, but I was not sure if this is the right way! Then I found your device. Now Milow is walking, using four legs! I think he also has a little more mobility in his left leg now.

Greetings from Germany

— Nicolle




Jeff from Canine Mobility comes through for us again. The retro fitted PowerPaws boots he made for our Jag wear out about one every 3 to 4 weeks. We ordered more and Jeff was quick to retrofit them to work with the device Jeff created for us. It’s great to work with someone who really CARES enough to help us / Jag out. I would recommend Canine Mobility LLC to anyone having issues getting your dog up and running again. Thank you Jeff. You’re the best!

— John Dewing and Ron Dysart


Queen Liberty


Thank you SO MUCH for getting us Liberty’s device so quickly, we ordered your device and the harness within minutes of each other. Received your device the next morning: (Awesome Customer Service) took another 5 days for the harness to arrive from the other place, and as they say; the proof is in the pudding. Liberty is walking better than she has in a long time, your device is centering her once sprawling hind legs, and has completely rid her of the knuckling problem she had. I cannot begin to express with words the joy in our hearts to see our “Queen Liberty Dane” walking so well without the complications!!! You’re a Godsend for our 11-1/2 year old Great Dane Liberty!!!!!!!

— Bobby and Kelly Wilmoth


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Hi Jeff,

I have been meaning to send you these photos of our girl, Alexandria, wearing this wonderful invention you made.  I love it.  She has progressed far since the spinal embolism 2 months ago that left her paralyzed in both of her back legs.  We started her with at home therapy, using range of motion exercises and a solid firm cast to support her lower leg and paw in proper position.  In my research to help my girl, I found your invention on the web.  I thought it was exactly what we needed to help our girl’s brain connect with her paw, so she could learn to walk again.

I can’t say enough about how this anti-knuckling device has helped her.  We have been able to add more distance to our walks each day with the assistance of this adjustable and wonderful device you have designed.  Thank you Jeff.

I highly recommend this device for all pets learning to walk again.  I thought at the time, the price was steep but the results are well worth every penny!!  I am an individual pet owner who stumbled on this site when trying to assist my dog.  I am glad I found it!

I just want to thank you again Jeff, I really can’t thank you enough.

Sincerely, Alexandria and Barb



This is Sylar, he is a 5 year old Utonagan.

On Friday 11th October 2013, I took Sylar for a walk; we were only a few minutes into the walk when Sylar’s back legs collapsed when he squatted down to go to the toilet. Sylar was rushed to the vet and was x-rayed, his hips and spine appeared fine, I was advised it was probably a muscular injury and was told to leave him at the vets for 24 hours rest. I had a phone call that afternoon, it was the vet calling to say he had reviewed the x-ray and Sylar’s prostate was abnormally enlarged. A biopsy was taken and I had to wait until Monday to see if was cancerous or not. I collected Sylar that afternoon; his hind legs were totally paralysed. I couldn’t believe I went out with a boisterous active dog that morning and returned home with a paralysed dog. Over the weekend Sylar started to use his right hind leg however the left leg remained lifeless. Sylar had no feeling in his left hind leg and when he walked his leg dragged behind. It was at this point I learned about “knuckling”.

It was heartbreaking to see what was once such an active dog struggling to walk, dragging his “knuckle” behind him, the friction if it had continued would have worn down to his bone. It was terrible seeing his paw swollen and bleeding. I researched the internet and I discovered the Canine Mobility website. This is the only place on the internet that I found a device that would prevent Sylar from knuckling. I emailed the owner of the site, (Jeff VerHoef) about my predicament and he replied almost immediately, offering me as much advice and assistance as he could. I purchased the anti knuckling device and it arrived just over a week later (I am in the UK). I had been bandaging Sylar’s foot up each time he went out which was a timely chore, not that I minded but when you have a dog so eager to go out, he just wants to go. After quickly reading the instructions, I put the anti knuckling device on Sylar’s paw and within a couple of minutes had the device hooked up to his harness and we were good to go.

I can’t explain how much joy it was to see Sylar’s paw stepping forward instead of dragging behind him. It was so simple to use and caused him no discomfort. The device assisted in forcing him to use his foot correctly. We were told by the vet that when the communication between a dog’s brain and leg is broken, a dog will forget how to walk. The device assisted Sylar in getting back into the correct rhythm and motion to enable him to use his leg ‘normally’ again.

Sylar can now walk without the anti knuckling device, he has not completely recovered as his leg turns out slightly but the main thing is, the knuckling has stopped.

If it wasn’t for Jeff, Sylar would have been put to sleep by the vet, the vet had not even heard of such a device and even when the biopsy came back benign, he did not hold out any hope for him.

Samantha Phillips, UK


Jeff, thanks again for this great device! As you know Klaire suffered from a FCE and was completely paralyzed from the waist down for 2+ weeks. After extensive rehab at WSU she came back to us with pretty good mobility and functionality of her right leg but her left leg was only about 5% of what it used to be. She could barely advance her leg and was able to put only small amounts of weight on it. Most of the time it just dragged limp behind the rest of her body. The Anti-Knuckling Device has allowed us to resume walking her as it helps to advance her left leg and keeps her in good position throughout our walks. Walking is something she has always loved and to be able to resume this activity with her means the world to my wife and I and, of course, to Klaire.

Kieth Hobart


I have been very impressed with Jeff VerHoef’s Canine Mobility Anti-Knuckling Device and have recommended its use in a number of patients. Decreased proprioception and paresis is a very common problem in older dogs and unaddressed will commonly lead to damage to the dorsal aspect of the rear paws. The dogs that I have seen fitted with the device have had immediate benefits in that their paws are placed correctly as soon as it is applied. Additionally, it helps improve their stride and leg lift.

              Michel R. Jolivet, DVM


I compared watching Gus walk without the Anti-Knuckling Device, and figured he would knuckle about 85% of the time during our walks (even while within his cart).  When the device was attached to his paws, there was a tremendous swing of improvement — perhaps about 80% to the positive. Efficient in its purpose, easy to use with no worries, canine adaptability a true plus, the Anti-Knuckling Device serves a dog well.

Rob Dewing